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Color Wings - Butterfly Gardening Consultancy Service

Color Wings - Butterfly Gardening Consultancy Service

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We all love this beautiful insect , Butterfly. We watch them flying .... We even take photos of them as it's a very beautiful subject. But among us very few are there who cares for them. Let us help them to live in this world of concrete. Let us create a place for them in our home also. It's not at all tough job. You just require little love for them. Even many from us do little bit of gardening in our home. Just plant few extra & few restrictions will invite them at your place .

Let's stay together. Let us create a butterfly Garden in every home.

What is a butterfly garden?
It's a very normal garden which we see at our home / parks / hotels / restaurants / residential complex ... etc , with some extra plants which attracts butterflies where butterflies can lay eggs to complete their life cycle , where they roam flower to flower in daytime. An any size of land with few plants , some restrictions & lots of love for the butterflies , creates a butterfly garden.

Benefits of Butterfly garden to nature :-
 Due to use of insecticides & chemical fertilizer  at cultivated lands at village areas , it has been observed that the concentration of  butterflies is increasing in city / suburbs & buffer zone of forest area. So , if we can create some pockets in our cities for them , that will help  them in their existence . The pockets will consist some big parks along with many small home gardens in the city. 
The direct benefit is 'Butterfly Conservation' before their existence became threatened .

 Butterflies are very important factor of food chain in Eco system. If butterfly increases , then many insects , spiders , birds , lizards , amphibians will get  food & survive.

 In now a days , new cities are encroaching green lands & the existence of many native plants  of  our country became threatened . Butterfly  gardens requires native plants . So , as  the indirect benefit will be  ' Native Plants Conservation'.

Now a days  kids , teenagers live their life in a robotic mechanical way. A butterfly garden will give them a chance to meet the nature closely & give fresh air to their mind along with practical study on the subject.

Please welcome to the world of butterflies ......


 Butterfly visitors of my garden :-->

My butterfly garden ::-->

Butterfly and Caterpillar Rescue & Rehab Center :-->

Life Cycle of Common Mormon Butterfly In My Butterfly Garden.
From Mating - Laying Egg - Egg - Caterpillar - Molting - Pupa - Emergence - to Adult Butterfly ....

Life Cycle of Plain Tiger Butterfly In My Butterfly Garden

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