About Us

Let me introduce Color Wings to you. We are into this field of technical consultancy of Butterfly Gardening since 2008-09 commercially & through our passion on Butterflies along with other insects , we have given our expertise to others by consulting many butterfly gardens in the country since 2005 .

As we have been farming butterflies naturally in open air at our place, we have been able to solve most of the complexities in breeding of butterflies and creating the ecological balance which butterfly gardens must have, in order to allow butterflies to survive. There are actually quite a number of aspects for which a butterfly garden requires attention, such as species diversity, guard against predation, propagation and horticultural beauty, to name a few. 

By leveraging on our competence and experience in this field, those complexities are easily solved, as we maximize the value of your idea, time and investment.

Here are some of the major chapters in our consulting process:

  • New site assessment and feasibility studies.
  • Planning and developing butterfly gardens.
  • Butterfly Garden’s landscaping planning and coordination.
  • Advice on endangered and protected species.
  • Advice on the needs for the well being of the live exhibits.
  • Advice on the control of micro-climatic conditions, heating, humidity, light levels and other atmospheric differences.
If you want to create Butterfly Garden / Park at your premises , please contact us at +91- (9477586991 , 9331596436) or mail us at somnath.paldas@gmail.com

Color Wings Caterpillar & Butterfly Rescue and Rehabilitation Center :

We are also managing Color Wings Caterpillar & Butterfly Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. Where we are collecting butterfly caterpillars from the local flower / plants nursery just before spraying insecticide OR before being killed. We train nursery people how to collect & preserve the caterpillars. We also collect caterpillars from trimmed tree leaves / branches dumped for disposal. On getting  any rescue call , we collect the rescued caterpillars & even sometimes people submits rescued caterpillars to our center at Kolkata , West Bengal , India. We help rescued caterpillars to grow & emerge as adult butterfly. Then we release them in the air & we don't keep any butterfly captive at our center.